Saturday, December 10, 2005

Photo Friday: WEIGHT

Photo Friday: Weight

My subject for the Photo Friday challenge "Weight". This proved to be a tough one for me, nothing immediately came to mind. I've pondered on the pile of rocks in my yard (the ones from one of my many unfinished projects ie: stacked stone wall) or the rusting stack of unused weights from an old weight-lifting set (yet another un-finished project ie: me getting in shape). Welllll......after putting in a few hours at the office, picking up the PowerBall tickets (another un-fulfilled project ie: Winning the lottery) I couldn't help but notice the big pile of rocks again. The sunlight just seemed so right at that moment. Oh I know, not exactly prize winning stuff here but I thought the lighting was quite good for a cold, gloomy winters day and the sunlight almost makes you think of springtime right around the corner. Have a toasty Saturday night all.


valerie walsh said...

I look at rocks on my walk every day, I love their colours and shapes. I think this is a really beautiful shot. The sky, rocks ad the perspective are really, really nice!

RHoward454 said...

Thank you Val. The compliment is greatly appreciated.