Sunday, December 11, 2005

Vinyl mining, obscure music, and noteworthy blogs

Today has been a lazy day here at the old ranch. Did a little Christmas shopping, went to downtown Chatttanooga and walked around the new Riverwalk and the Tennessee Aquarium and tried to find some neat things to photograph. Still working on the pictures and doing some editing while listening to some obscure but great music.
I like to check in to a site called Record Brother from time to time and I will on occassion follow some of the links from there. From Record Brother I followed a link to a great blog called Music You Won't (possibly) Hear Anywhere Else. The blog belongs to a guy named Lee Hartsfield who calls himself a Vinyl Miner. Lee apparently goes to great lengths to find and post obscure, outdated music. The interesting thing here is that this is realy great stuff. This week he's posted links to some 50's and 60's Christmas (yes Christmas, NOT holiday) music! I've spent quite a few hours this weekend and last weekend listening to things like Santa's North pole Band (1957), Swingin' Them Jingle Bells, Fats Waller and His Rhythm (1936), and Santa Claus is Watching You by Ray Stevens (1962). Lee also has a blog called Vintage Lounge with links to some great swing music and big band music.
I have to mention also that Record Brother has some great "Rat Pack" era music from a movie called Johnny Cool. I'd never heard of it and was surprised to see Elizabeth Montgomery in a co-starring role as Dare Guinness, the sultry love interest of Johnny Cool (played by henry Silva). The soundtrack is very 60's hip and I listened to every song. There are tunes by Billy May and even a few songs sung by Sammy Davis, Jr. Even though I wasn't even a teenager when this movie was released (and I have never seen it) the soundtrack is definitely worth a listen.

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