Saturday, December 03, 2005

Photo Friday: Experimental

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valerie walsh said...

very cool! Who is this face?

RHoward454 said...

Val...thanks for the comment. This is a plaster casting of my own face. This one was the first of several and it fits the Photo Friday change Experimental so perfectly because I didn't learn how to do this from anyone and thus didn't realize that you don't apply plaster directly to your face. I had a full beard at the time and this plaster casting pulled it out. I was quite panicked and in a frenzy at the end of the hour long period that it took to get the original casting removed. It retained my facial hair and somehow transferred it to the final product in the photo. I wish that I had a photo of that but alas the hair finally degraded and fell out after about ten years.

valerie walsh said...

wow! talk about suffering for your art! well it was worth it because it is so cool!