Sunday, November 27, 2005

Happy Holidays

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. My wife and I went to Alabama for our Thanksgiving celebration. It was a time to visit with family, share a great meal, and just enjoy each others' company. We were surrounded by people we love and got spend time with my parents, my three sisters, three brothers-in-law, nieces, nephews, children, and grandchildren. Now we're back home and we've broken out the Christmas decorations and will slowly decorate the house over the next few days.
I'm going to try to be a better, more cheerful person this year. I'm going to try to think better of my fellow man. I'm going to try to look for the good in people. To most that know me I am the consummate scrooge always worrying about money and dreading the time of year when society has turned one of the most significant religious celebrations for the Christian faith into a time of wanton greed and commercialism. I'm going to watch one of my favorite movies of all time and try not to let my wife see the tear that I always shed when Clarence gets his wings and I'm going to yearn for those days when I too was an eager child trying to be good so that Santa would surely visit me.
Merry Christmas Bedford Falls!


SisToPencilMeIn&SimpleMusings said...

Hey! "Every time a bell rings, an Angel gets his wings!" But I have to tell you, your self portrait in the Christmas ball is funny. (Not funny looking, just gave me and Marty a chuckle!) Another thing you should be Thankful have a house with room for a tree! We don't even have a space to put one. But, I look at it as that's one more after Christmas mess I don't have to clean up! I used all my Christmas decorations and trees down at the lot to decorate the homes.
Love you!

SisToPencilMeIn&SimpleMusings said...

oh, by the way, the picture of you and Daddy on your FlickR is VERY good. You should frame it.

Janet said...

Like your Christmas photo. That is a good one of you and Dad ,too.

valerie walsh said...

Love your self portrait in the Christmas ornament! Really clever!!!