Sunday, September 28, 2008

No Country For Old Men

The old oak tree in the back yard looks like it's leaning more toward the house these day. It's always leaned about 20 degrees and I have begun to worry that it might fall on the house one day. Given all of that I finally decided to bring it down. I'm not finished by any means but I do have a great deal of it done. I had to stop because I was absolutely exhausted and Susan had fidgeted herself into a panic state watching me climb about from limb to limb. I'm thinking that I'll probably just wait until next weekend to finish up. Man are my arms sore!!


Janet said...

Good God!...Stay down from there! You are going to hire someone to actually cut the tree down, right?

Thru The Lens said...

Looks dangerous to me! Maybe you should listen to your wife.

Thru The Lens said...

Seriously! Don't mess around with that tree!