Sunday, October 12, 2008

Frugal, Cheap, or Stupid?

I continue to work on removing the large Oak tree in my back yard and this weekend I have it down to almost a bare trunk except for the one leafy limb at the very tip top. I will definitely leave that one for folks that bring down the trunk (which ain't gonna be me!). All the while I have been cutting Susan has kept urging me to go buy a chain saw. Why do I need to buy a chain saw?" I remarked; It'll go unused after I cut down one tree. Hardly worth the expense. I know most are not going to believe this but I have cut the majority of this tree down with a simple Craftsman hand saw. Hard to believe, huh? Yeah, I know that I'm cheap. I call it being thrifty. Just no need to spend money on a chain saw when a hand saw will do. I am sure it has been a source of amusement for my neighbors. Last Saturday while I was working in the very top I could hear my neighbor yelling to her husband "Get the camera, and hurry. Oh yeah, make sure that it's got fresh batteries!". I sure hope they just wanted to get a shot of the old guy up a tree and weren't hoping to cash in by getting a shot of me falling out on my head! Anyway, I now have a huge pile of debris to cut up and get off to the brush disposal center. I'm through climbing for while!

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Janet said... don't need a chainsaw, because you don't need to do that EVER again!