Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Where In The World??

Okay, as of the time of this posting over 550 people have at least looked at this blog. I know that two of them were my sisters and one was my daughter. Since I apparently post NOTHING worthy of comments from the other 547 views I will not post any commentary today, only the three photos above.
I'll throw in a big thumbs up to the person who guesses the locations of these pictures. The only hints that I have to offer are that two of them are in the same state and the other is within a hundred miles of a famous architects' home.


valerie walsh said...

um, I feel like a dork cuz I saw the duck building recently on a t.v. special about unusual buildings, but now I can't remember? please tell me please? oh and who is the architect? By the way before I started illo fri.
I had 14 visitors. Now I have 400 in 1 1/2 months. I look at everybodys stuff a little bit every day and make comments and some comment back.

valerie walsh said...

wait is this Florida?

RHoward454 said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. As you were so kind I will give the answers. I shot all three pictures in 1993. The Duck house is in Riverhead (Long Island), NY, the Chrome Horse is in Westbury, NY and the dragons guard the entrance to the House On The Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin (which is near Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin).

valerie walsh said...

aaah, Thankyou for telling me, I paint landmark buildings and I am always searching for programs or books about interesting buildings. I am not good at guessing things tho. Thank you!