Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Harder Than I Imagined

Creating a blog has proven tougher than I had imagined. Trying to think of interesting subject matter and finding or creating interesting items to post has proven difficult. I hope to post some of my photography over the next few weeks and maybe discuss my family a bit (but only the interesting parts, I promise!). My granddaughter Micah is playing in the colorful what-nots above. I'll post my grandsons Blake and Braxton soon. They're 8 and 13. Braxton is the youngest and even though I call him bonehead he is one smart kid. He's quick witted and funny. Blake is the smart but quiet one. He's discovered girls so he doesn't have as much time for us old folks. He's one of those game boy wizards who knows about all the latest video games. I call him when I get stuck in Tomb Raider.

Below are some links to a few of my favorite websites. These are not for everyone but I find them quite interesting with loads of interesting stuff.
Pictures, music, art, and lots of interesting links here

My favorite musician is Todd Rundgren. Following is a link to one of the best Todd Rundgren fan sites with loads of pictures, videos, games, and music.

The following site is a great place to find obscure and out of print music. Don't expect the latest and greatest. This stuff is 60's and 70's disco, spoken word recordings, and foreign language pop music. Lots of interesting listening here


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi daddy, Love your blog. "I want a Blog". : (
Love Ya

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