Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I've been playing with the Terragen freeware program a bit and created the pictures below. You can almost get photo realism but I think that this is probably dependent on available memory during the rendering process. I have a gigabyte of ram and the rendering process takes almost 3 minutes for an 800 x 600 picture with realism set at 99%. The pictures below are basically the same setting with variations in sun position. In the extreme right I changed the viewpoint just ever so slightly.
Now, if I can just figure out how to add grass, plants, and trees!


Anonymous said...

Looks good. I have some Terragen renders up at my MSN Space: http://danielleesale.spaces.msn.com/photos/

Have a look, if you want.

SisToPencilMeIn&SimpleMusings said...

you know I'll never get any work or housework done if you keep showing me photo programs to play around with!
Did the pictures I sent look good for your kitchen?
Love you!

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