Saturday, February 18, 2006

Time Well Spent

First things first. This is not my work. It belongs to my daughter Tiffiny. She and my eldest grandson Blake stopped by for a bit today and we were looking around one of my favorite sites Worth Blake began to ask how some of the trick photos were done and I tried to show him and Tiffiny a little bit of what I have learned about Photoshop. Tiffiny started playing around with it a little and after a bit of exploration she produced the picture shown above. I think that it's pretty darn good for the first time with Photoshop and I don't mind saying that I learned a tremendous amount of new stuff myself today.
All in all, not a bad Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Thanks daddy, I enjoyed my day with you, its always nice when you can go home and be a kid again.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

sorry forgot to mention I bet this photo will bring lots of comments to your blog....LOL