Saturday, January 05, 2008


Okay, I know that this is not the kind of post that I normally do but I've learned that NBC has cancelled one of the best new television shows in years, Journeyman. The show was often compared to Quantum Leap but it was so much better in my opinion. You actually believed the characters and plot lines. Both casting and acting were first rate. Monday night was the one night that I stayed up later than normal just so I wouldn't miss a minute of this very excellent show. I can only hope that this show will be brought back, even if on another network. Perhaps NBC is just not ready for such a well written show that challenges the mind and offers top notch entertainment. Now only time will tell.

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Lise said...

Hey Ron, I have to totally agree about Journeyman, I'm devastated they've canned it, such a quality show and it has a sophistication and quality to it. The acting and characters are all totally believable. Adored the end of the first episode, priceless! I remember thinking in the second or third epi 'how are they going to keep the momentum - I mean he's travelling through time saving lives' but every episode gets better and better so much so I'm sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for it. And then I see some of the tripe, boring old sitcoms, cop shows, that continue over the years with the same yadda yadda. I'm hoping that Journeyman's end just coincides with the writer's strike and that some other network picks it up and therefore more epis are made.
Lise, Melbourne, Australia