Monday, July 23, 2007

House Painting Update

The house painting is coming along nicely but I did run out of steam this weekend and did NOT finish everything that I wanted. I had hoped to finish the south end of the house but found several pieces of siding that begged to be replaced instead of repainted. That could have been a pretty tough job but my son-in-law Jeff came over and helped me with it. So far I've stolen the last three weekends from him and worry that I can never repay such a large debt. We finished replacing the siding about 2:30 on Sunday and then we called it a day and went swimming. First time that I've been swimming in the river in several years and it was fun. I was a little worried since I had not been swimming since my surgery. I didn't have a bit of trouble and it was actually very relaxing. I'll definitely have to try to relax more, swim more, and just plain try not to let life hurry me along to fast!

Well, enough rambling for now. Here's a couple of pictures of the painting progress.


Janet said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling so much better!The house looks great! ( did you not have a moon vine this year?)

RHoward454 said...

I'm doing much better and hardly hurt at all now.

As for the moon vine, I didn't plant any this year. I actually DID have a big can of seeds from last year and we started some in a pot but forgot them and they didn't survive.
Next year for sure!

Anonymous said...

Your house looks WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I'm doing the same thing on my house. It's only one-story. I hope to post it on my blog once I am through.

Glad you're feeling goood!

SisToPencilMeIn&SimpleMusings said...

doesn't look like the same house! I'd never realized the roof peaks weren't standard A frame until you painted!
I had my first success with a moon vine, but it was at work, it's covering the front porch of the office. The other night we had about 15 blooms. I actually planted about 8 seeds around the porch, only 1 survived but it's done wonderful.
Glad you're feeling better.
Love you!

Mark Martin said...

You make me feel like such a wussy. If I just had a chunk of my lung chopped out I would NOT be painting my house! In fact, I still have both lungs and I'm STILL not painting my house!