Monday, January 30, 2006

Photo Friday: VANITY

Photo Friday subject for week of January 27, 2006.............VANITY. I guess a picture starring me as the subject qualifies as a vanity shot, eh?

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SisToPencilMeIn&SimpleMusings said...

Well, I haven't left a comment to your posts for a while...been busy, but have been reading them!! So glad the Dr's didn't find any blockages, that alone is a real blessing!!! As for the sleep test, well, I can't sleep in strange places either, my doctor wanted me to have one, but I thought they would think I was a complete lunatic from lack of sleep. Needless to say, I never scheduled to have it done.
All the pictures you've posted lately are really good. I particularly like this one. And the one of Tiff spinning out is good, although I don't know from what movie that would be.
Well, I'm off to bed.
Love you,